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Understand What Dental Implants Are

When it comes to replacing missing or unrestorable teeth, implants are by far one of the most reliable long-term solutions. Implant teeth are strong, permanent, and worry-free.

But first, what are your natural teeth made of? They have two parts:

  1. The root, which is under the gum and which anchors the tooth to the jaw bone.
  2. The crown, which is the white part above your gum and which aids in chewing food.


So what is a tooth implant?

It is an artificial tooth root that takes the form of a screw-shaped titanium post, inserted into the jawbone to replace the root part of a missing tooth and that supports a crown (the visible part of the "fake" tooth). Implants are a permanent solution as long as they are checked regularly at regular dental examinations.

Implant - the screw-like material drilled into the jawbone that takes the place of the original tooth root. Implants are made of titanium because of its strength and because it is a highly biocompatible material with the body.

Abutment - the connector that is on top of the implant and serves as a bridge between the implant and third component, the crown.

Crown - the replacement tooth, shaped and tinted like a real tooth.

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