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April 10, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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What is causing your toothache?

Dealing with a toothache is no fun, but it’s going to be even less fun if you just ignore it. While broken bones will heal on their own and our body’s immune system can fight certain infections, unfortunately teeth can’t fix or heal themselves. This is why it’s important to turn to our Waukesha, WI, emergency dentist Dr. James Murphy for immediate care.

Here’s what a toothache could be trying to tell you,

You Have a Cavity

A toothache is often a pretty good indicator of a cavity. That’s because decay, as it continues to spread deeper into the tooth, can irritate its nerves and tissue. If you ignore the problem the cavity will only grow, affecting neighboring teeth and also leading to a serious infection.

It Could Be Gum Disease

A severe toothache could also be a warning sign of gum disease. As gum inflammation gets worse, it creates pockets of infection that will pull gums away from the teeth. As a result, the roots of a tooth could become exposed, which can lead to that toothache you’re experiencing. Since gum disease has the potential to cause tooth loss, it’s important that you see our Waukesha, WI, dentist as soon as possible for emergency treatment.

You May Have an Injured Tooth

Not all cracked or broken teeth show visible changes. You may have a cracked tooth even though it looks completely normal. So, how can you tell that a tooth is damaged? More than likely you will experience pain whenever you bite down or put pressure on the tooth. If a tooth hurts whenever you chew this could be a telltale sign of an injury. You may also notice sudden, lingering tooth sensitivity, particularly to extreme temperatures such as drinking a glass of ice water.

Dealing with a Toothache? It’s Time to See Us

No matter how mild your dental pain may be, all toothaches require immediate dental care to ensure that whatever is going on is treated as soon as possible. We know the importance of being able to have dental care at your fingertips when emergencies arise. That’s why we offer same-day appointments to our patients dealing with true dental emergencies.

Our dentist at Proven Dental in Waukesha, WI Dr. James Murphy is here to provide you with everything from emergency dentistry to routine checkups. If you are dealing with a toothache give us a call right away at (262) 650-3000.

By Proven Dental
March 15, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

A Woman With A ToothacheChronic tooth pain or sensitivity could be a sign that you need a root canal. The procedure not only relieves pain but helps you avoid tooth loss. Your Waukesha, WI, dentist, Dr. James Murphy, performs root canal therapy at Proven Dental.

Root canals eliminate the source of your pain

Pain originates in the pulp deep inside your tooth if you need a root canal. The pulp is a soft mass of blood vessels, tissues, and nerves that fill the core of your tooth. Luckily, it's possible to eliminate the infection or inflammation by removing your pulp and replacing it with a filling material during a root canal.

Despite the stories you may have heard, root canals aren't painful. Before the procedure begins, you'll receive a local anesthetic that will keep your mouth numb throughout the entire root canal.

Root canal signs and symptoms

Pain is the most obvious sign that there's something wrong with your tooth. During your visit to your Waukesha dentist's office, he'll determine if your pain is caused by tooth decay or an inflammation or infection in your tooth.

Although an inflammation or infection can cause severe pain, sometimes the pain is mild or can even come or go, at least initially. If you don't see your dentist, the pain may worsen eventually.

Have you noticed that eating seems to worsen your pain? That's not unusual if you have an infection or inflammation in your pulp. Chewing exerts considerable pressure on your teeth and can irritate a problem tooth. Sensitivity to hot, cold, or sugary foods and beverages is also common if you need a root canal. You may notice that your pain increases for as long as 30 minutes after you eat or drink these substances.

If you need a root canal, your tooth may darken or you may notice that the gum around the tooth is painful, inflamed and swollen. Severe, throbbing pain may mean that you have a dental abscess. The bacterial infection is a dental emergency and requires prompt treatment to prevent the bacteria from reaching other areas of your body. Other abscess symptoms include swelling around your jaw, swollen lymph nodes, fever, a bump on your gum, or pus around the tooth.

Do any of these signs and symptoms sound familiar? Call your Waukesha, WI, dentist, Dr. James Murphy of Proven Dental at (262) 650-3000 to schedule an appointment.