By Proven Dental
June 08, 2021
Category: Oral Health

A huge part of keeping your smile healthy and intact for as long as possible is knowing when it’s time to visit your dentist. Dr. James Murphy at Proven Dental in Waukesha, WI, can help inform you on when you should see your dentist so that you can continue showing off your smile!

When You Should Visit Your Dentist

There are many reasons why you should be sure to visit your dentist in Waukesha, WI. Seeing your dentist regularly can help you avoid any serious tooth problems in the future because they will be able to keep an eye on your smile and will be able to spot any issues before they become serious and harder to treat. You should see your dentist every six months for a regular checkup and for professional teeth cleaning. During this cleaning, your dentist will be able to reach areas that can only be reached with specialty tools and can get rid of any built-up plaque or tartar.

Another reason to visit your dentist is if you’ve started experiencing tooth pain. Tooth pain can be a sign of a more serious issue that needs to be dealt with. It should also be treated immediately before it becomes even more severe. It could be a sign that you need a cavity filled and if left untreated, could mean that you need root canal therapy. The sooner you see your dentist, the easier your tooth pain will be to treat.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Don’t ever hesitate to visit your dentist! If it’s time for your regular checkup or if you’re experiencing any irregularities in your smile, be sure to contact Dr. James Murphy at Proven Dental in Waukesha, WI, today to set up an appointment and keep your smile looking healthy and bright! Call (262) 650-3000 today!