Dental ImplantsIf you have a missing tooth, you may experience a decrease in your ability to eat, speak, or chew normally. Luckily, you can restore your mouth’s bite to improve these issues with dental implants. Find out how dental implants offer stability in tooth restoration and why they are the gold standard in tooth replacement with Dr. James Murphy at Proven Dental in Waukesha, WI.

What is a dental implant? 
Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that is often considered the gold standard since, unlike dental bridges, they replace both a missing tooth and its root. Your dentist surgically implants the restoration into the bone under the missing tooth’s socket. Over a healing time of several months, the implant fuses with the bone to become a permanent part of your mouth.

Can dental implants help me? 
Implants are non-removable and function exactly like natural teeth. If you have one or more missing teeth and wish to have a fixed and permanent solution, dental implants may be the best treatment for you. However, some patients with significant bone atrophy or who have a lacking oral care routine may not make good candidates for dental implants. Additionally, candidates for implants should be in good dental health without any teeth decay or gum disease.

What can I expect from dental implants? 
Dental implants require several visits with your dentist. The first phase of the process involves preparing your smile for the implant. This could mean extracting certain teeth or treating issues like cavities. Your dentist then takes an impression of your mouth which a dental laboratory uses to design and customize your implant to fit exactly into your smile. Then, your dentist will implant the fixture, a screw-like titanium post, into the jawbone and leave it to heal for several months. After it is totally healed, your dentist attaches the prosthetic tooth onto the fixture and completes your implant.

Dental Implants in Waukesha, WI 
If you think dental implants could benefit you, consult with your dentist to ensure this is your best treatment plan. For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. Murphy at Proven Dental in Waukesha, WI. Call (262) 650-3000 to schedule your consultation for dental implants today!